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my first name: iLiveSpelling Test Results

iLiveSpelling Results:

Lesson 1

Number of Questions: 18
Correctly Answered: 11
Incorrectly Answered: 2
Unanswered: 5

Correct: 61%
Incorrect: 11%
Unanswered: 28%

Question 1:
Sheep ____ thick wool coats.
Full Sentence: Sheep have thick wool coats.
Correct Answer: have

Question 2:
The baby otter ___ resting.
Full Sentence: The baby otter was resting.
Correct Answer: was

Question 3:
____ do squirrels eat?
Full Sentence: What do squirrels eat?
Incorrect Answer: what

Correct Answer: What

Question 4:
They fed the tiger _____ the lion.
Full Sentence: They fed the tiger after the lion.
Incorrect Answer: After

Question 5:
__ antelope was grazing.
Full Sentence: An antelope was grazing.

Question 6:
Now and ____ we see wild boars.
Full Sentence: Now and then we see wild boars.

Question 7:
That boy has a dog that __ loves.
Full Sentence: That boy has a dog that he loves.

Question 8:
Kangaroos can ____ very high.
Full Sentence: Kangaroos can jump very high.

Question 9:
The duck bill platypus laid ___ egg.
Full Sentence: The duck bill platypus laid one egg.
Correct Answer: one

Question 10:
_____ cheetah runs faster?
Full Sentence: Which cheetah runs faster?
Correct Answer: Which

Question 11:
Hippos live __ water.
Full Sentence: Hippos live in water.
Correct Answer: in

Question 12:
_____ dolphins followed the boat.
Full Sentence: Three dolphins followed the boat.
Correct Answer: Three

Question 13:
The whales swam past and then we saw ____ dive.
Full Sentence: The whales swam past and then we saw them dive.
Correct Answer: them

Question 14:
We saw ____ of the wilderbeast running.
Full Sentence: We saw some of the wilderbeast running.
Correct Answer: some

Question 15:
I can ___ the elephants.
Full Sentence: I can see the elephants.
Correct Answer: see

Question 16:
The pandas ____ in the snow.
Full Sentence: The pandas play in the snow.
Correct Answer: play

Question 17:
We watched the pandas ___ a long time.
Full Sentence: We watched the pandas for a long time.
Correct Answer: for

Question 18:
There is ____ to learn about mammals.
Full Sentence: There is much to learn about mammals.

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